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  • narrow wood or metal or plastic runners used in pairs for gliding over snow

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Columbia Men's Thunderstorm II Pant,Black,M

Columbia Men's Thunderstorm II Pant,Black,M

Nothing ruins a gorgeous hike like heavy, waterlogged pants. luckily the thunderstorm ii pant packs down small, so you can throw it in your daypack without a thought. fully seam sealed and made with omni-tech® waterproof-breathable material, they lock out moisture but allow heat escape. throw them on when the storm rolls in, and continue conquering the trail. a drawcord adjustable waist keeps them where they’re supposed to be and pass-through pockets give you easy access to whatever’s underneath. authentic fit.

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Just me today. (311/365)

Just me today. (311/365)

Hope nobody is disappointed coming to my stream to find just a plain old simple selfie today. I may have time for a twisted fairytale album cover later, but right now I really just wanted to get a good shot of my new hair. I am so in love with it. And this shot doesn't do it justice. In person, it's deeper, richer, and more purpley/wine-colored than this. It's fantabulous and it's exactly what I wanted.

And, since I've been tagged repeatedly, I guess it's time I did one of these 10 random things memes.

1. I am a total clutterbug. I subscribe to the "a pile for everything and everything in its pile" method of organization. Sometimes it drives me crazy and I crave an uber-tidy space, but usually my desire to relax wins out over my desire to clean.

2. I've played soccer my entire life. I coached for five years during college and before law school and I miss coaching more than anything else I've had to give up in my life. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I wouldn't retire. I would coach soccer.

3. There is no food too spicy for me. It's my super mutant power. Ever since high school, I've been on quest to find something too hot for my tongue. Thai food is my favorite and when I order from my local restaurant, they know me immediately, even over the phone. I've been asking for "very very very very very very spicy, as spicy as you can make it" for the past five or six years. When I lived in Kansas City and would come home for visits, I would always get my favorite Thai food and they would always ask me why I had been away so long.

4. I like to sleep with the temperature unreasonably cold. Summer or winter. I like to have a heavy down comforter over me and a fan blowing straight at me and the thermostat turned down so low a penguin would be asking for a hat. In fact, while I sleep in shorty shorts and a little tshirt or tank top, Andy sleeps with long flannel pj pants, two long sleeve shirts and a ski cap. True story. And no matter how cold it is, I still usually complain about getting too hot during the night.

5. My biggest pet peeve (just barely beating out slow drivers in the left lane and people who drive ten miles an hour whenever it snows) is the ridiculous politically correct movement that has been ruining everybody's fun for decades now. When I was in sixth grade, my school decided it needed to change its mascot from the Trojans to the Tigers. Why? Because Trojan is a brand of condom. This and other obsurdities that these PC Nazis come up with absolutely kill me. Since when did it become a god-given right to NOT be offended? When I meet people who are overly concerned with being unoffensive to as many people as possible, I typically go out of my way to offend them. Character flaw or a lesson in DEAL WITH IT? You decide.

6. When I took my first bar exam (Michigan 2004), I weighed 122 lbs and felt better than I ever had in my adult life. Over the course of the next five years, while working for firms that made me extremely unhappy, I gained 90 lbs. That's more than most hollywood starlets weigh! I've lost a bit since my highest weight, but I am on a quest now to lose all of this extra baggage and get healthy. 2010 is all about a change in lifestyle for me. And 52 Weeks of Feeling Fit is like a beacon in the night, helping me to stay on course.

7. I am a TV addict. Thank god for DVRs. I don't know what I did before them. I have multiple shows on every night of the week that I refuse to miss. And when I find people who are into the same shows as I am (Hi Daynna!), it's like an instant bond as we discuss the latest developments. There are only a few shows that I refuse to be interrupted while watching. Andy has learned this and completely leaves me alone while I watch them. Lost and Fringe are at the top of the list of "don't even bother trying to get my attention right now" shows.

8. I can't be around animals without creating animal voices and speaking their thoughts. I used to watch the Westminster Dog Show with my friends just to make the voices for all of the dogs. I don't even realize I'm doing it most of the time when I'm around my pets.

9. I went to an all-girls horse camp for seven years and then worked there on staff for a year after that. Those are still some of the greatest summertime memories for me. And I desperately miss riding. Bareback jumping was always my favorite.

10. I sing nonstop. I was in choir all through school, and I did musical theater up until I graduated from high school. I had two leads my senior year, one was Nellie Forbush in South Pacific, the other was the Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I think of those as my glory days. And one day I WILL get back into musical theater. Until then, everybody who spends any time around me will have to endure listening to me sing all of their favorite songs.

Ok, I think most of you have already been tagged, but just in case, how ab

Platform Art and Renaissance

Platform Art and Renaissance

At Gloucester Road there is a series of self portraits by a
photographer who has desguised himself in each picture. It is part of
London Underground's Platform Art series.

I boought the tenth anniversary reissue of the original Renaissance mix
album by Sasha and John Digweed. Renaissance is hailed by many clubbers
as being revolutionary. I thought I would comment on some of the

- Renaissance was the birth of progressive house: no it wasn't you can
hear a natural progression between early Renaissance and Sasha's sets
before the club was formed. Renaissance was built on the back of the
reputation that Sasha had earned at Shelly's in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.
Progressive house had been put out for a fair while by artists, most
notably the Italian acts Sueno Latino and Last Rhythm. Fabi Paras had
championed the sound in London.

- Renaissance changed the visual language of clubbing: kind of. Within
many clubs there was a futurism that borrowed from comics through to
Japanese art and 60s counter culture or subverting well known brands
rather like Adbusters. Renaissance got its name from borrowing from
renaissance paintings, which were deconstructed and repurposed, however
from the early days of house, many club flyers and imagery was borrowed
from the cheesier 'catholic' religious art.

- Renaissance was a life changing experience: It depends where your
head was at. Renaissance was a good club, they managed to get all the
ingredients right: the security, the staff, the clubbers, the venue,
the ambience, the music and the DJs. People had a great time, but then
in club culture during the early 1990s there was a lot of great times
to be had every weekend all over the country.

- Renaissance revived clubbing: Don't believe the hype. Renaissance
caught the top of the clubbing wave. It was one of a number of clubs
that issued in a glitzy waye: straight lads wearning Versace shirts and
leather trousers. Another trend to benefit was the mixed gay straight
clubs like Vague in Leeds. The reasons why this came about was as much
to do with getting a licence as baggy clothes for dancing meant
wholesale drug use and possible dealer rumbles. Mincing around the club
in clothes you would be afraid to sweat in was supposed to prevent it,
it didn't it just heralded the arrival of wholesale cocaine use. It
replaced the egalitarian nature of house and rave with snobbishness.

My recollections of Renaissance

It was towards the end of 1992, a friend of mine had got a gig on a
Friday night at the Venue 44 in Mansfield playing what would now be
termed drum and bass. I knew him as we used to play house sets
together. He had met a couple in some ski resort where he had gone to
play for a couple of months. The couple were involved in putting club
flyers in shops and bars throughout the Midlands and the North of
England. When he came back, he got in touch with the couple and they
got him the gig.

I turned up to a half empty night decked out in decorations. After I
made some enquiries, I got into Renaissance for free a few weeks later.
I remember having a nightmare parking the Austin Metro I had at the
time and stiff legs from the two-hour drive that did not welcome the
stairs I had to climb to the front door. The building looked anonymous
and whitewashed on the outside.

The main dance floor had the DJ booth well above it and there was a
chill out area between the front door and the barn like dance floor
with bench seating and some sort of trellices. Most of the lads going
there looked like rugby league players and the girls like night wear
models. The club had a buzz, but it was not the raw electric feel of
Shellys, The Hacienda or the Quadrant Park.

ski brand t shirts

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